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About us

Indigenous employment program

Since 2009, Virgin Australia has had a focus on supporting sustainable employment for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. From front line to corporate and leadership positions, the careers of more than 200 Indigenous Australians have taken flight with us.

We offer exciting jobs opportunities that can define your career, while being a part of vibrant and supportive community of passionate aviation professionals. In fact, dozens of Indigenous team members established long term, rewarding careers and stayed with us for over five years! Many more have used the skills and experiences they’ve gained to go on and achieve successful careers outside of Virgin Australia.

Cabin Crew, Guest Services & Pit Crew

We’ve partnered with Diversity Dimensions for our cabin crew, guest services (check in) and pit crew (baggage handlers) opportunities and recruit throughout the year in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. These sessions are highly informative and aim to help you prepare and to put your best business foot forward when applying for a position with Virgin Australia. To see if there are any sessions coming up or available, visit the Virgin Australia Careers website.

To ensure our operation remains a culturally safe place for all team members, if you’re successful in one of these roles, we’ll link you with an Indigenous mentor.

Corporate and Specialist roles

Virgin Australia are looking for Indigenous professionals to join the team in our corporate roles! To be eligible to submit your expression of interest, you must be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent and be accepted as such by your community. We'll seek more information on this through the application process.

With thousands of team members in corporate roles we offer careers in sales, legal, marketing and many more. So make the first move, introduce yourself! We’ll review and capture your skill set in our system so that we can find you if a corporate or specialist role comes up over the next 12 months that suits you, we can find you. Register your interest here.

If you identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and want to speak with someone in the team, you can contact us via email:

Please note: No preferential treatment is given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates. These expressions of interest are simply designed to help identify candidates when they go through the merit based selection process.

Hear from our team






Fran Grant
Guest Services (Yuin woman)   

“Guest Services gives me an opportunity to show Guests exactly how much we care about them from the moment they arrive at the airport. It's a diverse job, I meet lots of people and for someone who really likes being around people, it's a great opportunity to share my love of aviation and work in the airline industry.”

Watch Fran's full story below.






Janaya Kati
Cabin Crew  

“Virgin Australia plays a big role in how I celebrate NAIDOC every year now, because I've been here for the last 7 years. Every year I've been working with Virgin down at Musgrave Park. I think Virgin Australia is definitely very inclusive, not just for my culture, but all of the many other cultures we have at the company.”

Watch Janaya's full story below.

Ben Bolt
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist (Bundjalung man) 

“I’ve been with Virgin Australia since 2010, and throughout that time I’ve recruited many roles in the company. I’ve developed a real passion for aviation and have organised and represented Virgin Australia at so many events, including our annual NAIDOC celebrations. I love wearing my Aboriginal flag badge and meeting community members all over Australia.”


Dakota King
Cabin Crew (Darug woman)

“I’m a cabin crew team member with Virgin Australia and aspire to fly on our long haul international routes. Being a part of VA has shown me and my family that no matter where you come from, your dreams are possible, as long as you take the opportunity.

Advice I would give to my fellow mob out there when applying is: Take the chance and be confident to represent who you are and where you come from. As First Nations people you should be proud, this job will show you so much of our beautiful country, while giving you the opportunity to teach others about our beautiful culture!”



Cheyenne Tovehi
Guest Services (Kamilaroi woman)

“I landed this amazing job after moving here with no aviation background! Working for Virgin Australia has been one of the highlights of my life so far, I have a job that I am so in love with and excited to come to work daily. The opportunities we have when working for this airline are endless. Not only do you work for a company that appreciate you but your co workers are so friendly and want nothing but the best for you!

My career path with VA is about learning and growing, not racing to the top. I love coming to work, learning new roles, new parts of the job that I didn't understand and there are people everywhere that'll help build you up!

My mob; we need more of you with VA and when applying for a role with us, be excited, be open minded. We are one nation and trust me when I say this, you will love this job and won't regret it.”